Convert iTunes Audiobook M4B to MP3

Countless audiobooks are available on iTunes store. With your iTunes account, you can either purchase them or wait for the free download. But some of you may want to play the audiobooks from iTunes on Microsoft Zune, Sony PSP, BlackBerry, Sony Walkman, iriver, SanDisk Sansa, Creative Zen, Android, to name just a few.

So how do you convert iTunes audiobook into MP3? The file extension is M4B, which is not compatible with non-Apple devices. Is there a way to convert it, even though it is iTunes protected?

The answer is YES! You just go and download Audials Tunebite to help you easily convert iTunes audiobook .m4b to .mp3.

m4b to mp3 converter

Audials Tunebite records protected audio books at the highest possible quality level as they are playing and saves them as private-use-only copies in MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, OGG or FLAC format.

Just feel free to have a try! For any problem, please leave a comment here. Good luck!

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